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We are the sole distributors of Nordson Finishing Systems in Southern Africa with vast experience since 2003.
Applied Coating Technologies

- Manual and Automatic Powder Spray Guns

- Fast Color Change Powder Booth Systems

- Dense Phase Coating Technology 

- Advanced Powder Coating Systems Improve

- Industrial Painting Process and Equipment

- Precision Dispensing Systems (Nordson EFD)

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We are the sole distributors of Nordson Finishing Systems in Southern Africa. We have vast experience since 2003.
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Industrial Powder Coating
As one of the world’s largest and most experienced suppliers of commercial manufacturing equipment, ACT Nordson provides high-quality products and tools for all your industrial powder coating needs.
From simple powder coating systems and applicator guns to bulk feed systems and high-tech programmable technologies, ACT Nordson has you covered with industry-leading powder coating equipment. Contact us to find the tools you need and visit our powder coating supplies page for more information, including white papers and case histories.

Dispensing Equipment & Industrial Coating Equipment

Operating in over 30 countries, Nordson is the leader in precision dispensing, fluid management, and related technologies. We offer products and systems for managing adhesives, industrial coatings, sealants, paints, polymers, fluids and biomaterials. Our solutions also include test and inspection equipment and curing and surface preparation systems.



Nordson EFD

For improved process control

Success usually starts with a need. You need a less time-consuming way to apply fluid. You need to apply fluid in a very small, difficult-to-reach place. Sometimes you need to reduce fluid waste and rework to reduce production costs.

Skip Unnecessary Steps

An automotive supplier needed a less time-consuming way to apply conformal coating on a densely populated printed circuit board. Nordson EFD’s PICO Pµlse jetting system eliminated the need to dilute the fluid before applying it. The system also eliminated the use of masking tape to prevent fluid from migrating onto sensitive electronic components.

Optimize Production Capacity

A fiber optics supplier needed precision dispense tips to fit an exact cavity in a tight location between crowded pins. Hiring Nordson EFD to design chamfered tips with custom tapers to meet their exact specifications saved more than 40 hours of production time per week.

Achieve Higher Throughput

A pet health care company needed a faster, more accurate way to fill blister packs with a low-viscosity, ethanol-based solution. Our xQR41V needle valves with BackPack actuators helped this customer achieve higher throughput by better controlling the aggressive flow of the solution.