Nordson EFD designs and manufactures precision fluid dispensing systems for applying controlled amounts of adhesives, sealants, lubricants and other assembly fluids.

Nordson EFD

For improved process control

Success usually starts with a need. You need a less time-consuming way to apply fluid. You need to apply fluid in a very small, difficult-to-reach place. Sometimes you need to reduce fluid waste and rework to reduce production costs.

Increase productivity and process control with precision fluid dispensers from Nordson EFD.

UltimusPlus I-II Dispensers

Nordson EFD’s precision fluid dispensing solutions deliver the highest level of accuracy and repeatability for higher throughput with less waste and rework.

Ultimus V High Precision Dispenser

Ultimus™ V provides high-precision benchtop fluid dispensing control for advanced applications of fluids that change viscosity. Experience a new level of accuracy, consistency, and process control when dispensing glue, epoxy, oil, grease, silicone, sealant, cyanoacrylate, solder paste, and other fluids.

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