Our affordable powder coating equipment spray gun range offers corona or tribo charging technologies and venturi or advanced dense phase pump applications.

Encore® HD Manual

Powder Spray System

Maximize productivity in your powder line using precision process control with our fourth generation HDLV® spray technology.


The Encore® HD Powder Spray System uses high density, low-velocity technology to deliver a high concentration of powder, using less air. The results realized will provide you with greater transfer efficiency, less overspray and superior cured finish quality for every conceivable part type.

Encore® XT Manual Powder Coating Spray System

The Encore XT manual powder coating system provides unsurpassed operator control, coating efficiency and ease of use for the level of coating performance on-demand.


Ergonomically engineered to fit like a glove and featuring  on-gun controls, the Encore XT gun is the lightest and best-balanced gun on the market, making painting easier than ever.

 Nordson EFD Solutions

Within each section of the CCM are multiple dispense points. For most dispense points you can choose between a fluid dispenser, dispense valve, or jet valve to apply precise amounts of fluid. Your production throughput and application requirements will dictate which is the best choice. 

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Encore HDLV Pumps

Nordson’s patented HDLV® pumps use dense-phase technology with high-density powder, low-velocity air to pump more powder to the spray gun with a minimum of air, and maximum process control. This results in superior efficiency, unmatched coverage, and reliable self-clean colour change, boosting productivity and reducing operating costs.

With more than 10 years of field-proven experience, Nordson remains at the cutting edge of dense phase pump technology in the powder coating industry.

  • Powder output stability and process control, for precise applied coating thickness and significant powder savings

  • Highest application efficiency with a soft spray pattern

  • Superior coverage of recessed areas through optimised spray velocities.

  • Up to 4,000 hours wear life of the internal pump components significantly reduces maintenance downtime for maximum productivity

  • Contamination free colour change of the entire spray system due to an automated purge clean system.

Encore Enhance Modular Powder Gun Controller

Advanced automatic or manual powder coating gun controller delivers additional flexibility and new functionality, with standard Nordson system features.

Suitable for venturi, dense-phase or even Tribomatic application protocols, Encore Enhance is the perfect choice no matter what powder application technology you use.