Industrial Coating


Our full range of manual and automatic systems for applying powder coatings is supported by industry-leading engineering expertise.


Encore Engage Powder Coating Controller

Our Encore Engage powder application controller provides you with everything you need to know on a single screen that’s been completely redesigned so you have clarity and confidence in every step of your coating operation.

Meg II Dual Spray Container - AkzoNobel.

Industrial Ink Dot-Marking-Systems

Nordson® Ink-Dot I.D. system is useful for identifying which spray machine has coated each can on the assembly line. A small dot of ink is applied on each can's bottom by the system as it gets into the spray machine. The system is perfect for two- and three-piece container operations with aluminium and steel cans.

Every machine on the coating line features a distinct ink color, which leads to quick identification of the source of improper coatings. This eliminates the difficulty of shutting down all machines on the line for ascertaining the defect-producing machine.


Encore Automatic Powder Coating Gun

A reliable and robust powder gun, producing up to 100 kV of electrostatic charge for the highest transfer efficiency. Designed for consistent superior coating and the fastest color changes in all industrial painting environments.

ColorMax 2 Fast Color Change Powder Coating Spray Booth

The ColorMax® 2 quick color change powder spray system is optimized for efficient, repeatable powder application. Numerous features minimize powder in-process and aid in system cleaning – providing you with fast, contamination-free color change.

Powder Coating 

Spray Booth

With a powder coating spray booth range that features manual or automated applications and choices of batch, cartridge or cyclone booth systems, Nordson improves productivity and provide flexibility to enable your production requirements.


Powder coating booth

Our ColorMax3 powder coating booth was consistently

designed for the fastest possible color changes while ensuring the greatest possible cleanliness at the same time. 


The smooth walls reflect light evenly, providing perfect illumination of all coating areas inside the booth and making visual quality inspections considerably simpler and more reliable.


Made of Nordson’s patented Apogee material, the booth floor is also especially strong, durable, scratch-resistant and anti-static.